Everything About Dairy Farming

Moo-ving Towards Quality Dairy


Livestock are natural resources of milk and meat, which in turn results into a wide range of bakery products. The  proteins from their meat offer more necessary amino acids than vegetable proteins, which is a long-standing nutritional truth. Happy Cattle is undoubtedly one of the most significant dairy cow importers in Pakistan as well as one of the biggest exporters of dairy cows from the United States. Since the beginning of our activities in 2019, more than 10,000 American cows have been imported in Pakistan. Besides providing high quality imported cows, our products include dairy and Agri machinery. We promise to provide you with high-quality and trustworthy services anytime you need them in order to help your dairy farming business succeed. The corporate dairy farms of Happy Cattle are located in Lahore, Pakistan, and Texas, America, respectively.

Our Passion Is Your Income

Happy Cattle is able to uphold its promise of excellence and dependability anytime, everywhere through this and other agreements with high-quality dairy product groupings. Along with American Holstein, Jersey, Angus, and Brahman, Happy Cattle, we are one of the most trustworthy platforms for providing imported cows, the best farmer’s training,  and high-tech machinery in Pakistan. We keep in mind all the crucial steps to import sustainable and growing cows to expand the growth of dairy products. 

We timely administer vaccinations and properly nourish livestock to maintain their health and prevent illness. In addition to this, factors like market-leading price, high recognition, and moral business practices in the organization aid in our acquisition of a leading position in the industry. 

Best Dairy and Agri Machinery

Our focus at Happy Cattle is on service rather than profit. As the premium dairy store of its sort in Pakistan, Happy Cattle is pleased to offer all necessary equipment, including milking machines, milking parlor, silage machines, feed mix wagons (TMR), Cow Brushes, Maze choppers, balers, and other related add-ons, all under one roof. We concentrate on slicing aspect period trends and product innovation. As a result, we give our customers access to much-improved price creation and performance levels that are designed to produce the highest levels of productivity in the course of daily operations.


Protecting The Environment

Our highly skilled team is committed to offering a secure working environment for everyone authorized to be on-site. To minimize any risk to those users, every effort will be taken to keep the website open and free of any useless impediments.




Our Vision

Innovate The Dairy Industry


Our vision is to innovate and sustainably improve the dairy industry of Pakistan by transferring better dairy cow breeds for high-quality milk production, together with increasing global demand for animal protein leading to increased milk production. We focus on becoming the full-service provider of imported dairy cows, farm machinery, and most comprehensive dairy farming solutions. 

Happy Cattle gains the confidence of farmers, clients, and staff via transparency, privacy, performance, and timely delivery of our services. We provide the most dependable livestock and post-sale services to the dairy business.



Pioneering American Cow Breed to Nourish the World

Your success is inspired by importing dairy cattle from happy cattle dairies