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From weaning to breeding age, Brahman cows are available at every stage. Happy Cattle is known for its rigorous selection criteria for cows. When importing cows, we place an emphasis on their performance, health, fertility, femininity, temperament, and ability to produce beef. Happy Cattle is a leading importer of American cows into Pakistan, where there are light grey, red, to black Brahman cows are available. Our imported cows’ productivity and adaptability will guarantee that they have a place in the cattle industry for years to come, in both the purebred and commercial sectors.


The progenitors of Brahman livestock evolved with great survival strategies during centuries of exposure to poor food sources, bug pests, parasites, diseases, and the ruthless climate of tropical India. Zebu cattle (Bos primigenius indicus), of which the Brahman or Brahma breed is a subspecies, were initially bred in America from cattle varieties brought over from India. Canker, Gujarat, Nellore (or Ongole), and the Gir (or Gyr) strains were crossed to produce Brahman cows. 

The Brahman breed enjoys a special reputation for super diversifications to the converting livestock enterprise and have similarly evolved in the United States.


A huge hump over the top of the shoulder and neck distinguishes all Bos indicus cattle, including the Brahman. The colors of Brahmans range from very light gray or red to almost black. Mild to medium gray make up the majority of the breed. Mature bulls typically have darker spots at the neck, shoulders, and lower thighs than mature cows do. They can graze in the midday heat without suffering because of their short, thick, smooth hair, which reflects a lot of the sun’s rays, and their dark-pigmented skin. They have pendulous ears as well as horns that occasionally lean backward. In ordinary conditions, cows typically weigh between 1000 and 1400 pounds. The calves are small at birth, weighing between 60 and 65 kilograms, but they grow quickly and wean at weights similar to those of other breeds.

Jerseys are well recognized for their milk, which is widely praised for its high caliber and particularly rich in protein, minerals, and trace elements. Jerseys have the ability to adapt to various environments, climates, and management styles.


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Brahman cows also generate an oily secretion from the sebaceous glands that has a distinct odor and is said to help in bug repelling, which is another purpose of this breed. This species has an increased number of sweat glands and the ability to sweat freely. Brahman dairy cows are more tolerant of heat because of their lower body temperatures, greater ability to perspire, and increased body surface area exposed to cooling. A few advantages of the Brahman breed are its proven capacity to resist insects, hot, humid weather, and producing exceptional milk under adverse conditions. 

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We are the leading supplier of Brahman cows on the market. Happy Cattle Dairies is equipped with cows that have exceptional maternal ability and professionals that know how to have a performance-driven farm model. We can work with you on the import and global exchange goals if you wish to import Brahman Cow. Start browsing our available American brahman cows by using our website.