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Healthy, beneficial, profitable, and manageable jersey cows. Happy cattle give you a long-term solution by facilitating efficient, weather-friendly Jersey cows for many generations. American jersey cows are medium-sized and produce milk with the highest levels of fat and protein content. With Happy Cattle you receive top-notch jersey cows from America using high GTPI technology and safety measures. In every step of our import process, we put an emphasis on protecting animal welfare, ensuring food security, and lowering climate impact.

We have the knowledge and experience to choose the best American Jersey cows for you thanks to our collaborations with dairy professionals. By using Happy Cattle to import cattle of exceptional quality, you can keep raising the profitability of your farming operations.


The Island of Jersey, which is situated in the English Channel between France and England, is where the Jersey breed first appeared. With approximately 600 years of cultivation, the Jersey is one of the oldest dairy breeds. Purebred Jersey cows were brought to America far earlier than the first Registered Jerseys, which arrived in 1850. The dairy industry in the United States is now heavily dependent on Jersey cows, which are also thought to be the most widely dispersed dairy breed globally.


Although it can range from being nearly gray to dull black, Jersey is typically described as having a light brown color. They may also have white patches that cover a large portion of its body. However, a true Jersey will always have a black nose that is flanked by a white muzzle. Jersey has robust black feet that help to be significantly less lame. Jersey has an excellent but durable body and is incredibly short in length, weighing between 400 and 450 kg. When born, Jersey’s calves weigh about 55 pounds. Of all dairy breeds, Jerseys mature early, procreate efficiently, and have longer, more productive lives. Jerseys are made to fit a wide range of geographical and climatic conditions.  

Jerseys are well recognized for their milk, which is widely praised for its high caliber and particularly rich in protein, minerals, and trace elements. Jerseys have the ability to adapt to various environments, climates, and management styles.


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Low Cost Milk

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When compared to the other main breeds, Jerseys produce milk at a lower cost. Jerseys outlive all other dairy breeds in terms of time spent in the herd. When processed into cheese and other products, Jersey milk has a better yield and performs better overall. It also has a higher nutritional content. As a product, it contains 25% more butterfat, 18% more protein, and 20% more calcium than “ordinary” milk. Being more heat-tolerant than the larger breeds is one of Jerseys’ best qualities. Jerseys are thought to have one of the best temperaments among dairy breeds.

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Since the beginning, we have focused on providing excellent quality American Jersey Cow. Brown jersey cow and real jersey cow are two varieties of the cow that is offered. This cow is given incredibly nutritious grains and grasses to keep it healthy and disease-free. Any climatic conditions are no match for this cow. The Jersey Cow we provide is well known for producing a lot of milk. We believe that our strategic dairy solutions will help to shape the future of efficient farming by enabling farmers to expand their profitability with the use of advanced machinery and high-quality imported business.