Breed Improvement

Breed Improvement Pakistan for Farm Sustainability


With our fantastic products and dependable services, Happy Cattle wants to be a partner in your dairy farming business’ success from the beginning to the day-to-day operation of your farm. We offer a wide selection of excellent equipment and reliable services that let you manage your dairy farm and increase dairy farming production. All of our products and services share three characteristics: superior high quality, unmatched dependability, and total focus on your business success.

We provide you with the high-quality tools and equipment to support your farm and produce nutritious milk and meat. Happy Cattle employs experts on a worldwide and local level to provide products for the care of the animals and the administration of the Farms. We interact with the top dairy and agriculture machinery experts in the world to obtain the desired outcomes. Using Happy Cattles Dairies allows you to purchase contemporary dairy equipment from well-known dairy companies worldwide.

Breed Improvement for performance and health


Realize an efficient, worthwhile, and sustainable genetic improvement process. We continually bring new solutions to handle the challenging circumstances you face as a dairy farmer. Our services are designed to better your daily life and business and are supported by scientific data and records. You might increase production that is efficient, sustainable, and valuable by having more healthy cows.

At Happy Cattle, we transform massive amounts of data into reliable and precise breed improvement programs. You obtain the lowest usage of antibiotics and hormones when you combine statistics and science-driven genetics. You can get cow breeds that live a long time, which adds value, sustainability, and excitement to your dairy business. Throughout our whole cow import chain, we place a strong emphasis on protecting animal welfare, ensuring the safety of our food, and minimizing the effects on the environment. Your herd’s genetic advantage can be continuously improved with the help of our breed improvement solutions. Our results are based on enduring partnerships with cow breed improvement experts and a close connection between research and application.

Genetic Improvement in Animal Breeding

Breed Improvement for the healthiest cows with the finest milk production worldwide. Individual breeders and the larger cattle business get benefits from genetic advancement since it boosts output and profitability. A long-term perspective of production and market demands is required when deciding on genetic development because it takes time.

The potential benefits of genetic improvement include:

  • Helping to satisfy market demands.
  • Boost profitability and general output.
  • Enhance cow ‘’’s distinctive traits, including growth rate, yield, fleece weight, milk, and efficiency. 
  • Enhancements to durability and production.
  • Lower culling costs translate into fewer replacements and, thus, more profitability.
  • Milk contains a lot of protein and fat.

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Wellbeing & Productivity

What Distinguishes Our Breeds and Hybrids From Others?


We have long kept track of the wellbeing and productivity of several livestock breeds, including American Holstein, Jersey, Angus, and Brahman. Our contemporary breed improvement programs result in healthy, effective, problem-free cows that produce a lot of milk and meat.  Additionally, they have excellent fecundity and a natural defense against illness. Breeds that live and endure long are available, enhancing the profitability and sustainability of your dairy business.


Pioneering American Cow Breed to Nourish the World

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