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With our fantastic products and dependable services, Happy Cattle wants to be a partner in your dairy farming business’ success from the beginning to the day-to-day operation of your farm. We offer a wide selection of excellent equipment and reliable services that let you manage your dairy farm and increase dairy farming production. All of our products and services share three characteristics: superior high quality, unmatched dependability, and total focus on your business success.

We provide you with the high-quality tools and equipment to support your farm and produce nutritious milk and meat. Happy Cattle employs experts on a worldwide and local level to provide products for the care of the animals and the administration of the Farms. We interact with the top dairy and agriculture machinery experts in the world to obtain the desired outcomes. Using Happy Cattles Dairies allows you to purchase contemporary dairy equipment from well-known dairy companies worldwide.

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To make the process of purchasing dairy equipment easier for you, we are offering a variety of tools and machines online. Our knowledge, enthusiasm, and approach enable us to import the best dairy and agriculture machinery in Pakistan. Our goal is to consistently provide the dairy businesses with high-quality equipment at a fair price, as well as product information and individualized service, in an effort to help them run a dairy farm that is productive and lucrative. 

We are pleased to offer cow brushes, milking parlors, milking machines, feed mixers, Feed Mixture (TMR),  cattle crush and agriculture machinery. Happy Cattle stands out from the competition with its wide selection of distinctive goods and depth of product and industry knowledge, which benefits any dairy business, regardless of scale. We only conduct business with licensed Dealers that provide genuine products. Here is our exclusive list of dairy and agricultural machinery: 

A wide range of Milk Handling Equipment and Milking Parlors are available to satisfy the requirements of current dairy businesses. Our milking parlors help dairy businesses with improved milking processes, save labor expenses, provide ergonomic benefits, allowing dairy farms to increase their efficiency with the larger herds.

Your everyday milking tasks are quickly and sustainably completed by our high quality milking machines. They also help to ensure that your milk delivery is more hygienic and protect your cows from udder mishaps. Happy Cattle is dedicated to providing dairy farmers with small, medium-sized, and larger milking solutions.

Your dairy farm can earn profit from the portable milking lines. Happy Cattle’s milking lines provide farmers with milking efficiency and milk quality without sacrificing animal comfort. You can pick from a wide selection of models, ranging from the most simple and fundamental to the most cutting-edge.

High quality feed mixture machines specifically designed to ensure simple functioning to mix various types of premixes and feed materials. Happy Cattle has the correct mixture machines to match your needs. Our feed mixture machines help in improved nutrition benefits milk production or weight gain, as well as the fitness and fertility of animals.

Premium cow brushes that allow cows to safely scratch themselves for improved comfort and best hygiene. By improving blood circulation and keeping the cows clean, active, and healthy, this enhances animal welfare. While removing dead skin, shed hair, and dirt and calming cows, Our brushes also lower the risk of skin illnesses by removing these impurities.

We are aware that your top priority is always ensuring the safety of your handlers and livestock. We provide a remarkable selection of cattle crushes that are built to provide handling with minimal stress. These crushes feature easy-to-use air equipment that enables veterinarian exams, weighing, clipping hooves, shoeing, marking, and more.

We have a wide selection of agricultural machinery and equipment for sale from international and well-known manufacturers with a focus on feed out, cultivation, and new technology for integrated crop management. Our machinery and equipment can be used for advanced


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We at Happy Cattle believe that our most valuable asset is the dairy businesses. In order to assist you keep your cows safe and healthy while they produce the greatest milk and meat, and increase your farm and agriculture production, we work to expand and promote genuine and affordable equipment from world known suppliers. Our network of dealers and technicians is prepared to provide your dairy operation with the high-quality service required to succeed. Get a quote now and set yourself to the way of dairy business success.

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