Building a heritage of great dairy farm depends on outstanding work ethic and a dedication to exceptional quality. And at Happy Cattle, we set that bar high.

Happy Cattle dairy farms were established in July 2019 simultaneously in USA & Pakistan. In USA we have heifers rearing farm spread over 57 acres. Currently we have 3000 US Holstein, Jersey, Brahman and Angus heifers and bulls at Texas, USA farm.

We have the largest number of US Holstein Friesian animals in Pakistan, having a 300-acre farm, dedicated 25 acres for dairy and 250 acres of land. Happy Cattle Pakistan carries capacity og 3000 cow herd but currently farm is holding 1500 US Holstein cows.

Our gold standards of daily operations at Happy Cattle lays out a comprehensive set of standards to guide dairy farmers of Pakistan. The pride you see on each of their faces, comes from producing dairy the right way, so you can feel good knowing that every drop of milk produced at Happy Cattle dairy farm comes with hard work and an obsession with caring for our land and cows.

Currently we are producing 10,000 liters milk per day at Happy Cattle dairy farm. Here, we’re proud to share the simple pleasures of real dairy straight from our own farms, we have personally invested in every product, decision and step we take as an organization. That direct, personal connection to the farm makes each glass of milk even sweeter.